September 10, 2016

Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication

I believe simplicity is key - always.
Why make things more complicated than they have to be? We spend hours standing in front of our mirrors thinking we've got that perfect outfit all set and ready, only to find ourselves replacing one item of clothing, praying it'll look better than the last. But that one change from a shirt to a t-shirt then becomes another change... and then another... and then another. By the end of it, we can do nothing but endure this outfit we'd never even dream of wearing, because we're too damn tired to put ourselves through more hours of hopelessly searching our wardrobe in hopes of miraculously finding our perfect attire... but unfortunately don't.

Unless of course, you're a Kardashian.

Simplicity is the solution. This ensemble is nothing breathtaking I know, but there's something about the way just two items of clothing can look so elegant, yet sharp at the same time. I'd usually pair up this tunic top with denim bottoms, but I took the risk of bare leg and prayed the weather would be on my side (luckily it was!).
This Monki high neck knit feels cool for the heat of the day, and warm in the cold of the night, with its open slit sides giving you that airy feel, whilst still feeling snug at the same time with its thick knitted high neck. Although most of you already know of Monki, I seriously recommend those of you who don't to check them out if you're a fan of oversized and high necks like me.

Open-toe boots are in season at the moment, which makes them so easy to get a hold of, with every high-street brand selling them. I purchased mine in New Look, a spur of the moment kinda thing - I guess it was love at first sight! I pay close attention to the aesthetics of a product, in this case - shoes. They must have a pleasing slim fit (tick), easy and comfortable to wear (tick tick), and not too overpriced (tick tick tick). I'd recommend grabbing yourself a pair of these as they can enhance any casual style.


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