October 18, 2016


So my boyfriend came down from uni to visit me for the weekend and surprised me with these beautiful babies!! They're from a website called Ego (I've linked this exact pair) and their collection is just the most wonderful thing.
I've been on the hunt for a pair like this for a while now; most websites are selling ones very similar but I must say these are the best I've seen by far.
I was originally looking at the patent/plastic looking versions of these boots on websites like Missguided and ASOS, but every time I went to check out I would change my mind - they were beautiful, but it would've been very hard to find an outfit to match. And I'm glad I didn't buy them in the end because instead I've been spoiled with these beauties.
They're very comfortable and not too high or hard to walk in which I was very pleased about because I'm a sucker for walking in heels - tragic, I know. They have a slim fit and hug the ankle/leg which was a relief because sometimes boots like these are often loose and don't quite look as pretty. The material has a plush look/feel, and my feet feel secure whilst wearing them. The sizing is perfect which makes them all the more comfier - sometimes you'll buy a new pair of shoes and they're just a little too tight with certain bits uncomfortably digging in. Within a couple of hours you'll be frantically searching for plasters and throwing the shoes to the back of your wardrobe for them to never see the light of day again!
Of course, that is not the case with these. They feel nice and snug and hold your feet beautifully - I would definitely trust these to treat my feet well on a night out!
For anyone looking for booties similar to these, I would definitely recommend checking out Ego's website, they have a great collection of gorgeous boots that are worth every penny.


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