October 18, 2016

Winter Warmers

It's finally that time of year again.

The cold, dark gloomy evenings where we can't wait to come home just so we can snuggle up in our favourite fluffy pyjamas, slip on our dressing gown and make ourselves a nice hot chocolate in our favourite Christmas mug. I've always found this time of year to be more cosy than any other... there's something magical about the way the bitter cold, black skies blanket us, whilst still feeling the warmth and the comfort from inside our homes - whether it be from the dim flicker of a candle burning away on the fireplace, or the pleasant sound of the rain drumming on the windows outside and the howling winds sending the leaves high up into the air, knowing we are untouched by this.

But then there is the dreaded thought of having to leave your warm home, having to step out onto the freezing cold streets and into the raging winds that take your breath away the second you step out of that door. It's times like this where I feel it's essential to plan my outfit in advance, just so I don't have to wake up at a ridiculous time in a morning when it's pitch black outside and feels like 2am.

For me, a suede/fur coat is an essential - I am still yet to find something that keeps me as snug and warm as this. I purchased this coat on Depop and knew I had to buy it the second I saw it.
It's originally from Missguided, and has the most perfect fit - slightly oversized which I love, especially with jackets, as it feels like I'm leaving the house in my dressing gown (which I would do every day if I could!). The fur is as soft as silk and is so gentle on the skin which is so important... there is NOTHING worse than clothing that irritates the skin.

Underneath the jacket is just a plain all black outfit. Keeping it simple and just adding a few accessories with a nice jacket does the job for me. I'm not about complex outfits - as long as its comfy and easy to move in, I'm there!
The t-shirt I'm wearing is a basic long sleeved top from ASOS, which is super comfy and can be worn with almost anything. The jeans are from Zara, which in my opinion is the best place to buy them. They're unbelievably comfy and have a more cotton feel to them than denim - they're also very stretchy which is a bonus as I can't stand stiff jeans that are impossible to move in.
I purchased my boots at River Island and I absolutely adore them - I have a big thing for little black boots and these were a perfect match.
Just to add a few touches to the attire, I wore a choker (it seems they are becoming a regular thing), a brown belt to match the coat and a black leather Topshop bag I picked up spontaneously.

If you're struggling with what to wear in the winter and can't quite get your hands on something that's going to keep you as warm as possible, a fur biker coat is definitely the way to go.


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  1. I looooorrrvvvve those shoes!!!!! My next purchase 😍


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