November 28, 2016

A Christmas Spirit

The sweet smell of cinnamon and ginger evoke nostalgic memories of past Christmases, and of course, cinnamon beats no other which is why I will have to invest in some good old scented cinnamon sticks this year to cure that feeling of... 'missing' something.
I wouldn't dream of eating anything ginger in a million years - the thought of it makes my stomach churn, but I do love getting messy and building a gingerbread house or two, icing pretty patterns onto the windows and doors and trying my hardest to get those perfect snowflake shapes onto the roofs (everything has to be super mega chistmassy of course).

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, life feels a little warmer (ironic, I know). Late night Christmas shopping accompanied with one too many latte's and a hell of a lot of heavy bags to carry home is one of the many things that makes this bitter cold weather all the worthwhile.
And I must admit, I'm loving the zero effort routine of dressing in stupid amounts of layers, thick thermal socks and the baggiest jumpers I can find.

The Christmas spirit makes me all the more eager to leave the house - especially when I know I'm hopping on a train to my favourite place for an evening filled with a sky of hanging snowflakes, fairy lights on every street corner and steaming hot cocoa inviting me to every other market stall in sight. In case you haven't sussed it out already, Bath Christmas Markets is the place to be.
It's home to my favourite shops, bars and restaurants and always make my days/evenings spent here a 10/10. There's nothing better than a cocktail bar every few hundred yards to replenish your thirst before a few more hours of Xmas shopping (unless cocktails are 2 for 1, then it's much much harder to leave).

Speaking of leaving, Christmas shopping being left until the last minute is something I do every. single. year. without fail. I am the worst for leaving everything until last minute. I give myself the, 'I'll do it tomorrow', but weeks go by and it still doesn't get done. I don't help myself, I know - but it never quite feels close enough to Christmas shop until the week before, in which case it's too late to order anything online and I'm left with the only other option which is to get off my butt and head to town (maybe just another excuse to head to Bath, who knows).

And of course, we can't forget that it isn't really Christmas until Costa have released their Christmas menu. I never used to be a big coffee fan until I had my first Costa, and since then it's become more of a need, as oppose to something I just 'want'. Walking into Costa is like stepping into a mini winter-wonderland; their Christmas loaf cakes and merry berry brownies never fail to catch my eye when I'm queuing for my drink, and I always end up buying more than anticipated, especially being as greedy as I am which never favours my bank account. From their festive colour schemes to the hanging Christmas decorations, there's nothing quite as cosy and snug as melting onto their sofas after a long day with a piping hot mug cupped between my hands, keeping me toasty and warm.

As much as I wish I could spend all of my money on chai latte's and mint hot chocolates, in the meantime, there's always some coffee in my cupboard to keep me happy whilst I remain very, very skint.


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