December 07, 2016

2017 Resolutions

Have I set myself a goal worth sticking to?
Have I accomplished something to be immensely proud of?
Have I filled up on greens, drank plenty of water and cut out fatty foods?
No, no, no and no.

That's why I've decided to give myself a head start and get organised for when 2017 quickly approaches - I don't think I could handle another year of being disappointed that things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. So, putting drunken, unsuccessful New Years resolutions aside (5 shots of vodka and a few too many glasses of prosecco in, I seem to believe I can accomplish anything), I've gone for a more realistic approach that will, fingers crossed, prove to be a successful one.

For some strange reason, just having a set goal in my mind never appears to be put into action, but once it's down on paper I feel as though it becomes a necessity. So, step no.1 is to invest in a notebook that I will actually use and not stick under my bed to 'use in the future' (but never do). Luckily I can skip this step because I have a couple stocked in my bedside table that I received as gifts from my sisters but never got round to using. I don't usually go for dated diaries because if I'm honest, I can't be bothered with writing everybody's birthdays down and wasting time searching for the dates where I know I have plans - it's much easier to grab myself a plain lined notebook and jot down whatever's on my mind, what I need to do at that time and tick them off when I'm all done and dusted.

So, may 2017 be the year that I take note of everything, whether it be a goal for me to work towards, jobs that need to be done and are playing on my mind, or general stresses in life, so I can keep my head clear, tidy and focused. With this in mind, I'll hopefully be able to pinpoint ideas and goals to take note of and motivate myself enough to move these goals forward which will result in me achieving them.

Until the day comes where I have made a positive change to the world, I will not feel I have achieved something to be immensely proud of. But I know that doesn't come easy, so I will have to work my butt off for years and years and years until I finally do. It won't come any time soon, but the harder I work now, the easier it becomes later on. Most days I just wanna slump onto the sofa in my pj's with a pizza and a tear jerking rom-com, but unfortunately my days are filled with college, revision, work, revision, repeat, so Love Rosie will just have to wait.
As once quoted, "Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it."
And I won't, as should no one, settle for success being merely a 'dream'.

Finally, one thing that should've happened a long long time ago - I will cut out all of the sh*t that I eat on a 24/7 basis and FINALLY get some good ol' greens in my belly. I get random outbursts of wanting to be super healthy and be one of those gals that drink smoothies and eat fruit every day, but it has just. never. happened. Instead I've clung to crisps, chocolate, pizzas and a whole load of pastries to keep me going which has to come to a stop, like now. So I've decided this will be the year. The year I will make a change to my diet - not to lose weight, but to feel more confident in myself, knowing that I am taking care of myself on the inside and letting it show on the outside.

For me and everybody else out there, make 2017 the year you make a change; where your New Year's resolution becomes an accomplishment. We can't keep putting it off, and we can't wait forever, so why not do it now?

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