January 25, 2017

Imperfections: the closest thing to perfect

I find myself adversely drawn to social media nowadays and the questions that seem to haunt me the most sound something along the lines of, 'how is her figure so perfect? 'her life is so perfect.'
Theodore Roosevelt once famously said, "comparison is the thief of joy" and it's something that has begun to ingrain itself in my memory.
I think the idea of perfection that is portrayed on social media, magazines and TV haunts us all, and to some extent, has something to do with why Britain is falling into a state of depression more now than ever.
I seem to find myself stalking the Instagram's of Victoria Secret models in hope of finding ways to become a flawless, tanned, super skinny 6ft model with long, blonde beach hair and a tiny button nose, whilst forgetting that a lot of the time, all we are really seeing is what they want us to see.
What others, and myself included post online can hide what we really look like, how we're really living and so on so forth - we feed ideas into people's minds that give them a false sense of who we really are.

Social media, as brilliantly wonderful as it is, is also the mask that hides reality. We all have bad days - days where we don't feel we're good enough; too ugly, too fat, too spotty. I think that we all just need a big reminder from time to time that it is nigh on impossible to look perfect everyday, because that's a hard thing to forget when we are living in a world that is obsessed with this idea of perfect.

In a world so full of insecurity, we need to learn to embrace our imperfections instead of figuring out how to be this perfect person - it will only tear us down.


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