January 30, 2017

Top Pinterest Picks: My Dream Home

Diptyque candles placed on every windowsill, flickering away in the dark, painting shadows on white walls. Dimmed spotlights on the ceilings, cinnamon scent sticks hanging from the curtain rails. Grande four-post pillar beds accompanied with transparent white sheets drooping from above - almost feeling as though you're somewhere exotic like an ocean cabin in the Maldives. Flat screen TV's, leather recliner sofas and marble coffee tables placed on fluffy mocha carpets and oak-wood flooring.

Let's just hope I'm filthy rich with all of that in mind...

If I'm not studying or deep into a BuzzFeed quiz telling me what sort of bread I'd be if I was one, then I'm scrolling endlessly down the Interior Design boards of Pinterest trying to pick the perfect images to create a collage of my dream home.

Being 18 and hoping to go to University this year (eek!), it won't be any time soon that I have to make any serious decisions about what I want my future home to look like... that doesn't stop me spending the majority of my time looking though. I get a buzz from collecting images that give me a bundle of inspiration, but there are just too many out there to narrow it down to just a few. Anyway, enough rambling - I'll let the pictures do the talking...






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