February 02, 2017

Lazy Days and Feel-Good Products

Swanning around in my dressing gown, sipping on piping hot cups of tea and listening to that one 'chill out' album you dig out from the bottom of the drawer once a year if that, whilst trying not to fall asleep in the bath because you couldn't be more relaxed if you tried.

The Body Shop Body Butter | the body shop is definitely my go-to when it comes to affordable skincare products. Whether it be lip creams, hair care or body butters, I know that I can trust their products to work wonders on my skin.
The texture of these butters are so smooth and silky and smell like an absolute dream. The larger tub is coconut scented and has a slight glint of silver which shimmers on your skin to give you that effortless glow look. Hints of coconut take me back to being on holiday; sunbathing on a beach somewhere hot, surrounded by the fresh breeze, smooth sands and the salty ocean, which I cannot get enough of.
The other two smaller tubs are lime and Shea butter - I have to admit, I don't use the lime butter quite so much as the others which is probably down to the fact I prefer a more natural smell as opposed to citrus-y ones - having said that, fruity just isn't fruity enough when it comes to body sprays.

Lancome Miracle Fragrance | this Lancome perfume smells just incredible (guilty... I found it hidden away in my bathroom cupboard... can I keep it please?).
"Life is a miracle. A vibrant, sparkling fragrance that opens like the dawning of a new day with fresh, dewy notes of Lychee and Freesia. 
Its spicy heart echoes with notes of Magnolia, Jasmine, Ginger and Pepper as its warm base notes envelop you in the sensual splendour of Amber and Musk."

Need I say any more?

Chanel Bath Gel | This little bottle of beauty has been sat on my bathroom shelf for so long now and it wasn't until I cleared all of the junk that was lying around in there that I actually got around to using it. The gel is a shimmery gold colour and leaves skin feeling so clean and soft - you'd think most shower/bath gels would, but surprisingly, so many have left my skin feeling dry and stripped and thankfully this one does the complete opposite.

We all need those 'always go back to' products that make us feel good from the outside in, what are yours?

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