April 19, 2017

Minimal Design

Wearing identical jeans and t-shirts to the other 8392737 people I walk past isn't exactly inspiring or exciting in any way. I often buy plain jeans/tees and go from there; tearing bits off here, stitching bits there, and most of the time it's a success... but sometimes not!
 We need some quirkiness in this world though, I mean, wouldn't it be boring if we all looked and dressed the same?
A lot of the clothes being sold in high-street stores are forgotten about pretty soon after they're sold, getting thrown to the back of wardrobes, never to be seen again and replaced with the next 10 minute fashion craze that's hanging on the rails in every shop again - but some get the balance just right.

Topshop manage to satisfy the needs of all, selling clothes that aren't quite to everybody's taste - more than likely the clothes that I will love and run to myself. Fur striped sweaters, bell bottom trousers, leather boots; something the likes of Valentina Muntoni would pull off perfectly (if you don't know who she is, I highly recommend giving her Instagram a stalking). Mixing minimalist style with a boho-ey design works wonders if done right. I'm not there yet - not even close, but finding designs and patterned clothing that I love gives me more inspiration to put outfits together that work perfectly for me. As you can probably tell from my Pinterest boards.

I start off by purchasing one statement piece, fitting everything else I buy around it. I found this beauty hanging on the sales rail in Topshop and knew it had to be mine. Being the last one in stock and £50 reduced to £25 was a bargain and a half - too good to say no to.
The simple design does everything for me - thick, frayed bold stripes with an oversized soft fit to match almost any outfit or occasion. I'd usually pair it up with black jeans and slip on plimsolls or a leather skirt and ankle boots, sometimes wearing a black fitted turtleneck underneath to add to the look, but honestly, something this simple but unique could be worn with just about anything and look 10/10.

Sweater | Topshop
Jeans | Zara
Bag | New Look

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