May 13, 2017

DIY Distressed

It's almost 1am... don't ask me why I'm still up, or more to the point, why I'm writing a blog post? I don't know the answer to either of those.
I've had a few people compliment me on these jeans and ask me where they're from whenever I've worn them, so I thought I'd let you all in on my secret.
I bought them on a whim simply because I had no denim jeans that were blue - I'll be honest, I didn't actually like them in the slightest when I bought them, they were bootleg and pretty boring to say the least, but with them being Cheap Monday and selling for so cheap (very ironic, as they're usually not cheap at all), I couldn't resist.
I didn't wear them for at least a year after I bought them and they'd just been flung to the back of my wardrobe and left there, unloved and unworn. So I thought I'd patch them up myself after a long while of debating whether to say goodbye to the one hit wonder or do something about it in hopes of finding myself wearing them (sorry Cheap Monday).

These jeans were originally wide-legged and didn't have cut out holes at the knees or frayed bottoms. I've always tended to stay away from wearing anything that isn't skinny trousers/jeans that hug the figure tight (although right now I'm really feeling the flares). Anyway, so when the time came for me to switch these jeans up a tad, I reached for the scissors and took a big chunk from the bottom... I didn't really think about it though and when I got myself into them I realised they were still wider at the bottoms and didn't hug my ankles quite how I wanted them to (they were wide leg, so I should've known *blonde moment*). That's when I got a  l i t t l e  carried away and sort of just... kept chopping. By the time I'd finished, the bottoms of the jeans were half way up my calves so I thought I'd been a little too hasty; but to my surprise I actually quite liked this look. They may have been a little too short for some people's liking, but I tend to go for the 'ankle swinger' look so I got on with them just fine, and the more I wore them the more I loved them!

When it comes to putting bits and pieces together with these jeans to form some sort of presentable outfit, I tend to go for an oversized shirt and either trainers or boots for a daytime look. A white baggy shirt compliments these jeans well as the contrast in colours gives a summery vibe to the piece, as well as wearing loosely fitted clothing which is so much cooler and more comfortable. Pairing the jeans with a black bodysuit and black heels dresses the jeans up nicely and makes them look almost completely different as to when they're worn more casually. As the jeans are super high-waisted, a bodysuit is perfect as they tend to be tight fitting whilst the jeans also sit tight above your waistline, making them a really figure flattering piece - I would always wear a belt just to finish the outfit off perfectly.

If you're thinking of buying non-ripped jeans and cutting them in yourself, I would recommend a higher-end brand as cheaper material tends to lose its shape when they've been washed a few times as well as excess fraying at the cuts. Just a few little touch ups like I've previously mentioned in this post has turned these jeans from my worst to my favourite pair. THINK before throwing away those clothes you never wear! Somethin' good might come out of them.

Jeans | Cheap Monday
Bralette | Bralette
Belt | New Look



  1. Such a beautiful DIY, love the colour of the jeans! You're so creative, it pays off to just lose control and snip away as you like!
    Vicki x x

    1. They are a lovely colour! Haha so true, thank you so much! X

  2. AnonymousMay 13, 2017

    Love your blog, always look forward to reading it! ❤

  3. What a great DIY :) I love these jeans!!

    Chloe @

    1. Ahh thanks so much! It was so easy to do as well, definitely worth the gamble Xx

  4. I really love how these turned out! You're rocking them :)

    1. That's so lovely thanks so much xxx

  5. Yessss galll love this post so muchhhhhh xxx


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