May 09, 2017

Street Style with Selena Gomez

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could actually afford your taste in clothing?
If I could, then I would be spending most of my time purchasing items on Net-A-Porter, sipping on edible liquid gold and paying someone to play with my hair all day long... (just kidding, I have my lovely boyfriend for that).
But having a limited supply of money is getting rather mundane now and I'm becoming impatient waiting for the day I no longer have to worry about money - thinking about it though, it's highly unlikely that that will ever happen. I hope and dream that I'll land myself in a well paid job, but I'll just have to wait and see where this roller coaster called life takes me... anyway, having a holiday coming up soon and planning on what clothes I'll be needing to take has made me realise how little clothing I actually own - I seem to always be buying new clothes but my wardrobe never gets any fuller? Is that just me?

As of, well... now, I've decided to write a monthly post on my street style top picks, influenced by Nicola Kemp and her wonderful blog (I recommend checking her out) - from celebrity attires to pictures that catch my eye on Pinterest. There'll more than likely be an occasional Vogue collection somewhere amongst it all (I wouldn't call Vogue 'street' style' exactly, but I tend to find pieces that are to die for, so why not give them credit whilst I'm at it?)

Selena Gomez is my first inspiration.
There aren't enough words to describe how amazing this beautiful and inspirational woman is. Despite her angelic voice, incredible looks and having a 1 in a million figure, there isn't enough that can be said for her flawless style.
I've been a fan of Selena for a while now, since her "73 questions with Vogue" revealed what a kind hearted, beautiful soul she is - let alone just how incredibly talented. I've come to realise that her style is one that I warm to and am greatly inspired by - if I could afford to dress like Selena, I would do so until the day I die. But unfortunately, I can't, so that dream will have to wait. All it took was a few minutes of ogling her Instagram and scrolling down Pinterest and google images and I'm becoming more and more obsessed with her street style by the minute.

So I thought I'd share with you all a few of my favourite outfits Selena has recently worn, and hope you enjoy them too! If so, give me a follow on bloglovin and keep up to date with my posts x


From day-to-day dungarees to ankle cut flare jeans, Selena can pull off just about any staple denim look - very jealous to say the least. I love denim as an everyday piece; denim shorts, jeans, jackets, dresses - you name it and I've got it. Image 3 is my favourite attire - dressed in a Marquez Almeida frayed denim jacket and pant set. This ensemble is a dream - in a beautiful washed out blue, pairing it with a white cropped top like this one compliments the light tones perfectly. Dressing the outfit up with a pair of heeled sandals like Selena has done gives an elegant feel to the style, but I feel like this outfit could be worn for any occasion as it can be dressed up or down; wearing a pair of sneakers would give the outfit more of a casual finish which I love as I usually tend to dress more casual than formal.


As I previously noted, I tend to avoid a more formal look in the day, but these images just do everything for me. Image 2 is probably my favourite outfit out of all of the images I've shared on this post. The small gold detailed buttons and the frayed cut of the neck on this jumpsuit looks so dreamy. It's a very basic look but draws so much attention - I'm still yet to find a jumpsuit similar to this one (a cheaper version, anyway), so if anyone knows where I can grab my hands on one of these, please let me know!


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