September 06, 2017

An Oriental Flare

I think it's about time I wrote another blog post... I've been so wrapped up in making sure I got into uni (which I can proudly say I did!), that I abandoned what I enjoyed most, hence why I haven't written in a very long time. I'd been tempted to write a few short posts here and there about the odd slogan t-shirt or chiffon floral dress, but they would've come from nowhere but trying to escape from the pure dread of a 12 hour day crammed with revision. I can happily say though, that I'm free from all of that for the time being, and can finally begin writing regularly again before uni assignments take over.

Although I've always loved my flares and the staple oversized look, the floral print that has been making a frequent appearance on the celeb streets and in the well loved stores is growing on me more and more.
I sometimes struggle to find 'the perfect piece' - usually there's an odd zip or a certain design that I find to be unusually misplaced and it always puts me off buying. On occasion, though, I'll find an item that really catches my eye and I become utterly obsessed, pairing it with almost everything I own meaning that it rarely makes it to the washing machine.. And this shirt just so happened to be one of them.

From the boho style of the shirt, to the oriental design, I instantly fell in love. I love anything with flare, and in this case the sleeves were the main thing that caught my attention, whilst the delicate flowers and silky material of the shirt bring a soft look to the piece which didn't make it look too OTT for me to wear. I generally prefer floral prints on black rather than whites or warmer colours, as black usually brings out the bright colours of flowers rather than drowning them out with the brightness of white. The details on this shirt are subtle, so pairing it with basic trousers or something a little louder would both look great.

I decided to pair my shirt with a simple white bandeau and beige trousers. I think keeping an outfit simple, and adding one item with a beautiful print brings class and sophistication which is perfect for any occasion.

So I think it's safe to say this shirt will become my go to for just about everything. The style and design is very me and it's such a flattering piece to wear!


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